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There’s something rather special about holding your event in the grounds of your family home or corporate headquarters. It’s more personal, more private, and more intimate than hiring a hall or conference facility, especially for birthdays, weddings, and other big family events. Custom event tents will help your gathering be the talk of the town for months, and can even spark your imagination for an original theme that will help the party atmosphere.

Here are three very different tents, and a few very different theme ideas to complement them.

An elegant wedding or a hatful of fun

Tension pole custom event tents are what you probably think about when considering tenting as a wedding venue. They’re spacious, and able to accommodate large gatherings. We can supply all internal needs, including staging and dance floors, lighting, accessories and heating. So, whether you’re planning a Christmas Day wedding inside a pristine white tent customized as the North Pole, or a summer theme of a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, we’ve got you covered.

Let the night light ignite your dark and light sides

Our clearspan tent rentals are among our most popular. Roof and wall panels slide into place, and the finished product is an unbroken space that can also benefit from climate control. With a transparent roof, the night sky will add an air of mystery and oneness with the universe.

Perfect for a Star Wars-themed gathering. With the right internal lighting and sleek black flooring constructed on steel frames, you could quite easily believe that you’re on the Death Star. The only questions you need answered is who is Darth Vader and who is the Rogue One, as you look skywards to your battleground among the stars.

If yours is a daytime event, then why not add some foliage to transform the space into a tropical oasis? Imagine yourself in a rainforest, the sun breaking through the umbrella of the leaves above, as your guests sip on Pi┼ła Coladas and Tequila Sunrises to quench their mid-afternoon thirst.

A summer rodeo or a big-top bonanza

Simplicity, style and stability is what you get with the classic frame tent. They are easy to assemble, and provide an open and unobstructed space inside. Ideal for a barn dance of epic proportions, and how about adding a bucking bronco outside to complete a Wild West Rodeo theme? Kids of all ages will have a ball.

The styling can easily lend itself to a circus theme when combined with a range of canopy tents. How about hiring a juggler to teach the younger ones a few tricks, or a band of clowns to get the merriment going?

Style inside for your ideal party outside

Custom event tents are growing in popularity. They allow you to hold your event at the location of your choice, while offering the flexibility of conversion to any theme. We’ve provided lighting, heating, accessories, flooring, drapes and banners for hundreds of different themed parties and corporate events. When you walk into a Main Attraction custom event tent, you’ll be walking into another world.

Contact us today – we’ll be pleased to help your party be the success it deserves to be.

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