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The US government benefits from a range of unique advantages when it rents clear span tents for its immediate needs. Let's look at the main advantages that have made clear span tents the rental of choice for a range of governmental needs.

Versatility for all needs

Governmental needs for semi-permanent structures are extremely varied. Clear span tents provide solutions that can be customized for any specific requirement. They also benefit from short construction times, the ideal answer to build requirements that traditional wood or brick buildings would take weeks or months to satisfy.

The design of clear span tents also makes them the perfect solution for requirements that are likely to change. They can be added to and reengineered to suit evolving needs with relative ease.

Can be installed (almost) anywhere

Speed of deployment is aided by the fact that clear span tents can be installed almost anywhere. Providing the area is level (or leveled) a clear span tent can be erected. They can be erected on a variety of surfaces, including asphalt and concrete. Without the need for extensive foundation work, construction time is shortened.

Concrete ballasts provide extra solidity, helping the clear span tent to withstand up to 90 mph winds and conform to the International Building Code for temporary buildings. If needs dictate, our clear span tents could remain on site for years.

Clean, dry, and sanitary

Clear span tents provide wide, open spaces unencumbered by tent poles. This maximizes the interior work space. In addition:

  • They are clean environments
  • They benefit from low maintenance requirements once constructed
  • Natural ventilation reduces the possibility of mold growth
  • They protect against weather extremes

Aiding internal conditions, integrated flooring can be installed which allows water runoff in rainy conditions. This ensures the floor stays dry.

These advantages make clear span tents perfect for a range of needs, including the housing of people, vehicles, and expensive equipment.

Space saving qualities outside, too

The exceptional internal space is perfect for a variety of uses. Views are not obstructed, and tables, seating, equipment, and stages can be placed freely. The difference is noticeable outside, too.

Our Losberger clear span tents are supported by aluminum beams, with fire retardant coverings. They are attached to the ground with steel stakes rather than guy lines. This means the total footprint required is smaller than for other tents, and the construction also benefits from a clean, sophisticated look.

Extremely cost-effective

All the benefits we’ve discussed would count for nothing if the tent rental blew through budgets. While the exact cost depends upon need, location, and accessories (power, for example), clear span tent rental is an extremely cost-effective solution where temporary or semi-permanent structures are needed. A typical hire period may be six months, but for periods up to five years the upfront and monthly cost is usually far lower than other construction options.

Is clear span rental the solution you need?

The U.S. government uses clear span tents for a huge range of needs; far too many to detail in full here.

When deciding if clear span rental is the ideal solution for your needs, there are two main issues to resolve:

  • How quickly is the structure needed?
  • How long is it needed for?

If your need is immediate, and for a period of a few weeks to a couple of years or so, you’ll probably benefit from clear span tent rental. It offers a flexible, cost-effective solution, and we can custom build clear span structures to your requirements. Contact Main Attractions today, and we’ll discuss your options and ensure that you take a comprehensive view of needs versus cost-effectiveness.

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