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You’ve set the date and decided to have an outdoor wedding. One of the first things for you to choose will be the style of wedding tent to rent.

There’s almost no limit on design for wedding tent rentals today. The one you choose should marry up with your theme, location, and expected weather. To make your decision a little easier, we’ve gathered here today five of the most popular wedding tent styles.

1.      Tension pole wedding tents

The tension pole tent is supported by poles and tensioned by guy ropes. They’re more spacious than traditional pole tents, and offer an open and elegant look for your wedding.  They look great, and provide a traditional feel for any wedding plan.

2.      Frame tents for weddings

Though not quite as elegant as the tension pole tent, the frame tent offers a clearer floor space and plenty of uprights to use for decorations and to hang lighting options. This makes it more versatile for decoration, especially if you wish to have multiple drapes for a colorful interior (our Tent Fabrication Department will help to make your wedding unique in every way).

3.      The wedding marquee

A cross between pole and frame tents, the marquee is the style that immediately springs to mind for the special day – especially for summer weddings. You’ll benefit from the elegance and graceful lines of the pole tent, while having the advantage of a metal frame.

4.      The clearspan tent for weddings

What could be more romantic than your first dance under the stars? The clearspan tent combines all the advantages of a frame tent, with ease of erection and an open aspect to the heavens above. We can provide climate control for interior comfort in winter and summer, and the clearspan can be erected to any size. However, many guests you intend to invite to your big day, they’ll all be lit by moonlight as they celebrate your marriage. It’s little wonder that more couples are choosing the clearspan option.

5.      The sailcloth wedding tent

Sailcloth fabric is translucent. Interior lighting shines through, and yet is simultaneously softly reflected into the space below. And what a space that is. The curvature of the tent gives it an elegant appeal, and the high ceiling provides a real ceremonial feeling.

Fancy something different?

If none of the above wedding tent options appeal to you, or if you want something a little different to mark your wedding day, you might consider one of the following wedding tents:

  • The wedding teepee, which offers great aesthetics, though at the cost of a few more obstacles such as guy ropes
  • Canopy tents, for a beach-style wedding that provides for intimate pockets of guests (though you’ll have very little protection against bad weather)

The sooner you start considering your wedding tent choices, the more likely you are to make the best decision and secure the tent you want. Wedding tent rentals are booked up months (and even years) in advance. Contact us today, and we’ll help you make the perfect choice of wedding tent to help make your day unforgettable.

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Its very good, we have also a great ideas to makes your events and wedding very special, by the creation of wonderfull icesculptures
My sister is getting married in a few months, and we want to make the occasion magical through renting and properly lighting a wedding tent. It is good to know that frame tents offer a clearer floor space and plenty of uprights to use for decorations. I love what was mentioned about how with this tent type, there are lots of hang lighting options. We will get ordering right away, thanks! 
I stumbled upon 'I Do: Wedding Tent Rental Ideas' and it's a treasure trove of inspiration! From elegant setups to practical tips, this article has it all. Perfect for couples planning their big day. Thank you for curating these ideas – a go-to guide for creating the perfect wedding atmosphere!
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