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Party Tent Rentals NJ

Do you have a party or special occasion coming up in the New Jersey area? Are you in need of a large tent rental? Main Attractions is here to help. We have been in the event rental business for 62 years and love to put smiles on our customers’ faces time and time again. We are just as excited taking care of the details of your event as you are in planning and hosting it. We love this business and there is no other way we would spend our time then by helping others plan the special events of their lives, communities and careers.

Main Attractions has its very own graphic arts design specialists that can recreate whatever you might have in mind. It is a one-stop-shop from concept to completion. We have a portfolio of past work you may like to look at when it is convenient for you to do so. You may even pick up an idea or two.

We also have fabric craftsmen that use advanced equipment to produce a wide range of custom products to meet your event’s specifications. You are limited only by your imagination. As with our graphics, we have samples of some of the things we have created for past customers for you to look at when you are able to do so. There are truly some inspiring examples here and we wish we could take credit for all of them but our clients found with just a bit of bolstering on our part, that they were quite artistic.

We know you can rent a party tent at any number of businesses in the New Jersey area. You are not looking for just any cheap tent rentals though. Using our company allows you to obtain an entire company behind you doing all they can to make your special day truly special. Whether you are a seasoned professional at holding these kinds of events or this is a first time undertaking, you can be confident in knowing that Main Attractions will go above and beyond what is needed to make your event the one they talk about for quite some time. You are not alone in this process.

When you have been in business since 1952 as we have, you are somewhat ahead of your competition for many reasons; experience being one of those reasons. Experience is something that is earned, not bought or freely given away. Along with experience comes word of mouth and reputation. We have built strong relationships based on our reputation in the rental supply industry with other vendors and suppliers. This allows us to enjoy fair pricing and gives us access to some of the most modern rental equipment available. We can then pass on fair and economical pricing to our customers along with the most modern equipment.

Main Attractions will go to just about any lengths necessary to make your event a smashing success. We can work with you from start to finish, supplying ideas or advice as needed or we can work alongside your own party planner or decorator. Whatever it takes to make your special event a glowing success is what Main Attractions will do.

We have seen just about everything that can happen in this business happen. That is why we make contingency plans just in case. This includes extra seating and supplies in the event you have a bigger than expected turnout among other things.

We have our own fleet of dedicated trucks to move all the rental equipment you will need. It will arrive safely, clean and on time to the venue of your choice. Be assured, when the event is over, breaking down the set-up will be an efficient and smooth endeavor as well. We have done it so many times before that we have it all down to a science.

We have everything you could possibly need and then some. We have a huge selection of tents in inventory in all sizes along with a huge assortment of decorating accessories, staging equipment, portable flooring, lighting fixtures, restroom trailers and temperature control units. We have linens if you need those and a wide array of seating available.

Please call us before you make your final decision or rent from anyone else in the New Jersey area. You will know immediately that we truly want to make your event the best one ever. From the first conversation held on the phone to the last face-to-face meeting as we pack things up, you will never be left to doubt that we are not just as excited about the big day as you are. Allow us to show you what 62 years of business has taught us. Permit us to demonstrate why year after year our customer list continues to grow. You will not regret it.