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Factors Affecting Wedding Tent Rental Prices

Tents are an integral part of every wedding. Quality tents provide more than just shelter to a wedding - they add glamour to the wedding.

One of the most important factors you need to consider when looking for wedding tents is the tent rental prices. You should always compare wedding tent rental prices before settling for a rental company.

A number of factors influence the rental prices of wedding tents. Some of these factors are briefly discussed below.

1.   Size / capacity of the wedding tent

Keeping all other factors constant, tent rental prices will increase with the capacity of the tent. Larger tents are generally costly compared to their smaller counterparts.

Before looking for a tent to hire, first establish the number of expect guests – the number of people you expect to have sheltered on the tents. This will save you from renting tents that will leave large unoccupied spaces.

2.   Quality of the tent

Another factor that highly affects tent rental prices is the quality of the tent. Generally, a high quality tent will attract a high rental price compared to that of a low quality tent.

You can tell the quality of a tent by physically examining it. Before settling for a tent rental company, visit them and have a look at the status of their tents. This will help you get the right tents for your wedding ceremony. Remember, you need nothing but the best tents for your wedding.

3.   Additional services

Sometimes additional services like tables, chairs, a public address system and transport for the tents will highly affect wedding tent rental prices. A tent rental company that offers the additional services will definitely charge high prices.

Tent rental companies that offer the additional services are the most convenient. You don’t waste time sourcing the services from other places.

4.   Heating

The season of the year will highly determine whether you should go for a heated or unheated tent. During the much colder seasons of the year, you have no option but go for a heated tent for your wedding.

Heated tents are more costly compared to their unheated counterparts. This is due to their technical nature.

5.   Season of the year

Generally, prices for rental tents change with the changes in seasons of the year. The prices are relatively higher during festive seasons (Christmas for example) than during ordinary days. This is due to the high demand for tents during the festive seasons.

When planning your wedding, make sure it doesn’t fall within the festive seasons. This will help you save on the cost of renting wedding tents.

6.   Type / design of the tent

Another factor that highly affects the rental prices of wedding tents is the design (or type) of tent. Most tent companies carry a variety of tent designs / types, and each of these designs attracts a different rental price.

The above are only some of the factors that affect wedding tent rental prices. Even though it’s human nature to look for bargains, don’t compromise on quality of services in favor of cheaper prices. Remember, you always get what you pay for.