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Whatever the outdoor event, don’t neglect the flooring when you rent an event tent. If you don’t provide adequate cover underfoot, the consequences can be disastrous. Heavy rain the night before an event can turn the ground to a quagmire. Even if a wedding rental tent is erected on smooth blacktop, the dance floor experience could be marred by injury caused by a fall on an unforgiving surface.

In this article, we discuss the factors you should consider when deciding flooring for tents. We also look at the types of floor covering that might be considered for different events, as well as the types of flooring that might be best for them.

What factors affect the choice of flooring for tents?

When you’re thinking about the flooring you need for your event tent rental, you’ll need to think about what it will be used for and where. For example, you might need it to provide a suitable space for dancing and to protect the grass underneath. You’ll also need the floor to have the right look. Here are five factors to consider when choosing your outside event flooring:

1. Durability needed

Think about how long the flooring will be laid, and the amount of use it will get. A dance floor will need to be more durable than a walkway. A conference floor will be in continuous use, possibly for many days or even weeks.

2. Ground

What type of surface will the flooring be laid on? Is the floor to protect grass underneath, or to protect people from falls on concrete? Is there a risk of rainfall, or is the ground well drained?

3. Aesthetics

You may need to strike a balance between how the flooring looks and how it performs. Practicality needs to be measured against looks, and weighed up with cost and functionality, too.

4. Safety

Whatever your other considerations, you cannot afford to cut corners when it comes to safety. You may need to provide ramped access, non-slip flooring, and lighting in dark areas. You should also consider the need for fire resistant flooring.

5. Budget

Your choices may be limited by budget, and this may impact selection for aesthetic or practical reasons.

What types of floor covering can be used for tented events?

There are several types of flooring that can be used in rental tents. The final choice of flooring system may depend upon site conditions. We use several solutions to ensure your floor is level, and coverings range from carpet to wood planking. The most popular floor coverings include:

  • Carpet, which can be used for many needs, including fashion show runways, and events where some warmth is needed.
  • Vinyl flooring includes several finish effects. It is practical, and generally hard-wearing.
  • Wood flooring is aesthetically pleasing, hard-wearing, and ideal for staging and dance floors.

Whichever floor you choose, you should also consider lighting options. Mood lighting on dance floors can encourage guests to get up from their chairs, and help an event become a truly memorable occasion.

What flooring is best for which event?

Our flooring systems can be set up on almost any type of surface, and we’ll ensure that when complete the tent flooring is level. The floor covering that is best will depend upon the use intended.

Exhibitions tend to have a high and constant footfall. The floor needs to be durable, but also cost-effective. Carpeting is common, as this is a good compromise between these two needs.

Staging must be durable. Performers and equipment can cause damage to floors, which must also offer a good level of grip. Raised stages should also benefit from step units and safety rails.

Wedding tents have multiple needs. Seating areas need to be firm, but will receive little footfall. There may be a need for staging, and dance floors are commonly finished in either wood grain, black, white, or a chequerboard pattern. Meanwhile, walkways may be best covered in with carpet.

For all your tent rental requirements, contact us today. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements, and you’ll discover why so many event planners make Main Attractions their first call for all their rental tent requirements.

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